Stand By Pet Show, Introducing a new culture of Pet Exhibition,

Stand by Pet Show was initiated in hopes to make a strong impact and bring about a positive change in pet culture.
Bringing years of experience as exhibition organizer,
We’re paving a new and exciting path that is the Pet Exhibition
Join us and together,
let’s make the Stand By Pet Show the country’s largest and most anticipated show!

Exhibition Stand By Pet Show 2018 (SBPS)
Hosting Period 1st
Location Songdo Convensia
Size 8,416 ㎡
Homepage http://www.standbypet.com
Target Market Pet owners and anyone interesting in pets
Visitors More than 40,000
Manager Kwang Min Cho, Manager
E-mail kwangmin@segefairs.co.kr
Exhibiting Products Pet Food/ Treats/ Apparel/ Accessories/ Products/ Furniture/ Equipment/ Service/ Etc